Poorer students are being failed

Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle

Too many students in Scotland drop out of full time education due to inadequate financial support.

Speaking on behalf of a motion from the Annual STUC Youth Conference, UNISON Scotland’s Ryan Boyle said that ‘students from poorer backgrounds are being failed’

Ryan supported the STUC Youth Conference motion calling for significant investment in further education support, increased grants for the poorest higher education students, a fairer deal for post graduate students, and a fair and co-ordinated funding system incorporating Student Awards Agency Scotland, Education Maintenance Allowance and hardship funds, to ensure students from poor backgrounds are not denied access to education and qualifications.

Ryan said ‘that the students in universities around Scotland were setting up food parcel schemes for students who couldn’t keep up with the rising cost of living, in addition others have been issuing vouchers to allow three days emergency access to the local food banks

Ryan pointed out that students from more disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to drop out of university and college within two years of starting despite having similar grades to their richer peers at the outset of their course. Ryan told the STUC this was not acceptable and called on the Scottish Government and others to act.

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