Queen Margaret University strike ballot opens today

UNISON Higher EducationThere is a live threat of compulsory redundancies at Queen Margaret University. Until that threat is lifted, UNISON members must keep up the pressure on senior management.

UNISON will negotiate on service reform and the impact upon workforce, but not under coersion and threat of redundancy. We want to do our utmost to save jobs and keep any severance truly voluntary. To achieve this, members must back the union position.

Back your representatives by voting and voting YES in the ballot.

Other unions are balloting their members on industrial action on the same issue. UNISON wants a united front on the union side, giving our members in professional and support services the option of taking action alongside their academic and technical colleagues, if necessary.

UNISON will not ask its members to strike alone, and will only do so to fight compulsory redundancies. Current Tory anti trade union laws require compulsory thresholds in ballot returns.

Your Vote Counts!
Ensure that you use it.

Mike J Kirby
Scottish Secretary