Resignation of Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care, Michael Matheson 

UNISON Scotland head of health Matt McLaughlin said: “UNISON had a good working relationship Michael and I wish him all the best in whatever he does next, but frankly this has all been one big distraction. The NHS in Scotland is in crisis and personality politics and this uncertainty has not helped.

Chair of UNISON Scotland health committee Wilma Brown said: “The First Minister must get a grip now.  We need to progress this year’s pay claim in time for April; we have still not fully implemented the pay deal from last year; we have an NHS staffing crisis across the country and staff are exhausted; we have to implement the Safe Staffing Act, proposals for a National Care Service are in deep trouble and health boards are making cuts to NHS services as they are forced to deliver more with less.

The First Minister needs to get around the table with the unions so we can all start resolving these issues and build an NHS our country deserves.”