Response to the Just Transition Commission Interim Report June 2020

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The Just Transition Commission published its Interim Report earlier this year. UNISON’s response to the Report stresses the need for urgent intervention, direction and control by national and local government to achieve a net zero economy and social  justice.

It argues we can address our obscene levels of social inequality and recover the economy after Covid by adopting green industrial planning. And says public services have a crucial role to play in this.

  • Investment must be directed into economic activity that helps meet emission reduction targets. Funding must be conditional on implementation of Just Transition principles by economic actors.
  • City Region and City Growth Deals must be transformed to deliver the green and just transition our communities need.

We must engage, support and empower local authorities, health boards and public sector bodies to take leadership roles within their areas and sectors.

Greater support, direction and funding is needed to ensure that the many successful Council projects e.g. to reduce energy use and generate renewable energy, are adopted and become widespread. Councils should strengthen their role in leading local partnerships, and be given greater access to funds to be able to initiate actions with other bodies and communities. This must include:

  • stronger planning authority to ensure that all developments are in line with Just Transition principles;
  • powers to initiate projects in partnership with other local players, as well as;
  • measures to strengthen the voices of environmental statutory consultees in the planning process.
  • Incentives and support to improve public transport including publicly owned and run bus services.