Scotland in UNISON 154 February 2022

  • Scotland in UNISON Feb 2022Year of Disabled Workers launched;
  • They’re back: Communications Awards 2022;
  • Mike’s not the retiring type, but he’s gone and done it;
  • UNISON demands action on staffing crisis in the NHS and social care;
  • Call for government action on devastating OVO job losses;
  • Glasgow ballots as council ‘rips up’ equal pay deal;
  • Local govt pay claim calls for ‘fair and decent’ rise;
  • The Nationality and Borders Bill – a new attack on refugees;
  • Determined action sees win for Highland nursing assistants;
  • UNISON Black members – Stronger together What we do and how to get involved!;
  • After COP26 – Taking forward action on climate change;
  • UCS – From shipyard to stage;
  • UNISON Fife Health gives huge support to local family centre;

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