Scotland in UNISON No 127 October 2017

Scotland in UNISON 127
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Whether you work in local government, the NHS, police, education or any other public service, you need a pay rise.
But they won’t pay up unless we speak up.

  • We’ll be making a lot of noise on pay says Lilian Macer (note that the PDF version has corrected RPI and CPI figures)
  • Key wins as Scottish Government and TUC back Just Transition initiatives
  • Guide says violence at work is not ‘part of the job’
  • Victory for the Glasgow jannies
  • Glasgow equal pay victory but council seeks leave to appeal
  • Stirling: 8 in 10 say stressed at work
  • Higher pay band for paramedics
  • West Lothian takes holiday pay win lessons into cuts fight
  • Cornerstone vows to work with union as a fair employer
  • Call for support for workers who are carers or suffer loss
  • Another New Lanark Fun Day success
  • LabourLink nominates Richard Leonard
  • Retired Members: Celebrating Jean’s 40 years’ service – Another great bowling tournament
  • … and much more

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