Scotland in UNISON No 133 October 2018

  • Pay campaigns smash the cap;Scotland in UNISON October 2018
  • Council workers urged to reject ‘unfair’ pay offer;
  • Higher education calls for strike in pay ballot;
  • Glasgow: Thousands vote to strike over equal pay;
  • Green UNISON Day pledges raise awareness of climate change;
  • Stirling signs up to UNISON’s apprentices charter;
  • Twenty-one UNISON lay tutors ready to go ;
  • Carol and Dave: They’ve never been described as retiring – but they are;
  • East Dunbartonshire consults on new offer;
  • UNISON Scotland in action at TUC ;
  • Don’t let them split the trade unions and Labour;
  • Football win highlights mental health awareness and suicide prevention;
  • Website – Not in Vain for Lee;
  • Young members’ ‘How’s yer Heid’ mental health training;
  • UNISON wins personal injury settlements;

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