Scottish government must invest in public services, says UNISON

No Going Back to Normal – campaign update

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced more cuts to public services. UNISON has made clear that a decade of spending cuts left public services exposed when Covid came calling. We cannot make the same mistake again.

Rishi Sunak’s public sector freeze is a kick in the teeth to key workers, a blow to struggling local economies and it is divisive.

The Scottish government must take a different approach. They can do things differently – and they should.

We must invest in our public services to rebuild communities, support our economy and support a fair recovery. You can help make that happen.

You can write to your MSP to demand that the Scottish government take a different approach. They have tax raising powers, can prioritise spend and have considerable accumulated reserves.

Write to your MSP today by clicking this link.

UNISON will continue to campaign to protect public services and those that deliver them.