Scottish government reply to No Going Back To Normal campaign

The Scottish government have replied to Mike Kirby, UNISON Scottish secretary after 500 members wrote the Cabinet Secretary for Finance asking her to ‘invest in public services, support a fair recovery, and give public servants the pay rise they deserve’. As part of UNISON’s No Going Back to Normal campaign.

thumbnail of Unison Campaign Response – 19 February 2021 (003)
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The Scottish government say:  “Scottish Ministers recognise the fast pace of change facing all of us in this critical and challenging operating environment. We are hugely grateful for the heroic efforts of all key workers across Scotland, who in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic have kept essential public services running.

The Scottish Government remains fully committed to embedding and mainstreaming Fair Work across Scotland as part of our wider agenda for achieving sustainable and inclusive growth and a wellbeing economy. Through our Fair Work First agenda, by attaching fair work criteria to public funding wherever appropriate, we will continue to ensure Fair Work is at the very heart of our economic recovery. This promotes and enables a more inclusive, people-centred culture of work that supports employees and employers to shape their organisations together.”

Please read more about our No Going Back to Normal campaign here. UNISON will continue our campaigning for public services.