Scottish Labour’s parliamentary motion to end pay cap on NHS staff, UNISON comments 

Scotland’s biggest NHS union, UNISON welcomes today’s debate in the Scottish Parliament on NHS pay, and is calling on all parties to back calls for the Westminster government to drop its austerity pay agenda.

Tam Waterson, chair of UNISON Scotland’s health committee said, “UNISON will continue to call for the NHS pay review body ‎to scrap the cap on pay for all NHS workers. Our politicians need to send a signal to Whitehall that here in Scotland we’re going to build a consensus on how we settle the annual pay round, and how we deal sensibly and sustainably with wages for all of our NHS team.”

Matt McLaughlin, UNISON Scotland’s head of health said, “Following the election we need a change at the Treasury to drop the austerity pay agenda and deliver a fair deal across the UK. The incoming UK government must scrap the one per cent cap. Simply demanding that Scotland has better deals will only increase the divide in pay between Scotland and the rest of the country and create a two-tier workforce across the UK.”

Editors notes
The pay review body is an independent body that is tasked with making recommendations on NHS pay for all agenda for change staff across all nations in the UK.

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