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Standing up for Cornerstone staff

UNISON application for statutory recognition accepted

In a major breakthrough in our union’s battle to force recognition in Cornerstone, UNISON has been told that our application ...
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Standing up for Cornerstone staff

Cornerstone – Pay talks with Engagement Forum

Dear Member UNISON has been made aware that Cornerstone has started discussions with the Engagement Forum (EF) on a possible ...
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UNISON response to Cornerstone’s ACAS statement

Dear Members, Please find below an email to ACAS detailing UNISON's response to Cornerstone's Position Statement to them. This email ...
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Cornerstone stewards' statement

Cornerstone: Pay, recognition update from stewards

Dear Member As you may be aware the Cornerstone Stewards Committee met today to discuss re-establishing recognition with Cornerstone and ...
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Cornerstone statutory recognition

UNISON Applies for Statutory Recognition in Cornerstone

Dear Member Please see our graphic for details. Thank you so much to all of our members who have stood ...
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Standing up for Cornerstone staff

Urgent update for Cornerstone UNISON Members

Dear Member Various issues have come to light this week which highlight changes that are being made by Cornerstone now ...
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thumbnail of Inducement Caseform Newsletter jan 2019 Final Version

Cornerstone – Inducement Newsletter – IMPORTANT ACTIONS!

Cornerstone - Inducement Newsletter Dear Members IMPORTANT ACTIONS! UNISON has today posted a newsletter, UNISON caseform, and 2 union busting ...
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Letter to ACAS

Cornerstone update: Letters to ACAS, Government and COSLA

Please click on the graphic on the right for a copy of a letter to ACAS confirming our willingness to ...
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