Solidarity with college EIS members on strike

Honour the dealOn behalf of UNISON Scotland and all of our members in F.E. we offer full support and solidarity to the EIS members who are taking part in continuing industrial action over the failure of Scotland’s Colleges to “honour the deal” on pay and conditions reached more than one year ago.

You will recall UNISON members found themselves in a very similar position less than nine months ago and with the support of EIS members, won outright victory after taking industrial action over Colleges reneging on our own deal.

This 3rd strike in 3 years in the sector shows that there is a need for urgent change in the the approach of Management in Scotland’s Colleges before further irreparable damage is done to the sector and its overworked staff and students. Trade Unions united must take the lead in defending our members from attacks on their jobs and terms and conditions and in turn the quality of our student’s education.

We wish you well in your action and hope for a victory that all workers in the sector and wider can take heart from.

Mike J Kirby
Scottish Secretary

NOTE: UNISON Scotland has lodged a claim for FE members. The union will meet Colleges Scotland Thursday.