Solidarity with Cuba is vital and can bring success

Lilian Macer
Lilian Macer

The focus on humanitarian work will go on in Cuba as they celebrate 60 years of the revolution, Lilian Macer, Regional Rep, told delegates, as she spoke about the UNISON Scotland delegation visit last December.

Nationalisation and redistribution of previously owned US land, homes and businesses, returned much of the wealth in the country to the Cuban people and state.

She praised the outstanding results despite limited resources on health prevention, the highest doctor to patient ratios in the world and improved life expectancy rates.

“So how do they do it, and could other countries, rich and poor, learn from the Cuban example? I believe in Scotland and across the UK we have a lot to learn from the examples in the public health agenda with a focus on prevention”, said Lilian.

She highlighted the literacy campaign that taught the people how to share, and give without expecting anything in return and how it liberated a generation of women giving them a completely different perspective on life.

Ryan McLaughlin, Scottish Young Members Committee said, “We were able to experience firsthand the kindness and generosity of the Cuban people, to see the richness of their culture and join them for their May Day celebrations.”

He also saw the daily struggles faced. He emphasised, “The Trump administration has continued its cruel and illegal blockade against Cuba, and indeed is heightening its sanctions.

“This imperialist blockade aims to deny the Cuban people their right to self determination and create another puppet of the United States Government”

He encouraged delegates to work collectively to support the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and stand in solidarity with the Cuban People.

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