CORONAVIRUS SOCIAL SERVICE: SSSC regulatory changes and impact on home care and support

The social service sector  is on the frontline of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This link explains the regulatory changes which have been agreed between Scottish Social Service Council and Scottish Government to enable you to continue to deliver your work. It is a link to the SSSC website. This agreement recognises that you need to change the way you deliver your services to meet demand. These changes are effective from 18 March 2020.

Flexibility regarding registration – Workers registered to work in one kind of service can be immediately redeployed to work in another kind of service without any need to change their registration status (eg a care home worker could be immediately deployed to work in a care at home service, as long as the provider is satisfied they have the appropriate skills and experience)

SSSC are prioritising registering social workers (who have to be registered to practice)

SSSC are keeping as many people on the Register as possible. They accept that keeping registration up to date won’t be a priority for many people – this includes people in jobs where they can work for six months before being registered.  They still want people to renew their registration, but won’t remove people who don’t.