Stop Serco evictions! Defend our neighbours! Sat 15th June, 1pm Buchanan Steps, Glasgow

Home Office contractor and multinational Serco has announced that it will resume lock change evictions against 300 refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow starting next week.

Our collective protests made a difference last summer and they can again. Many groups and campaigns are working together to oppose this. We must demand the right to safe housing for all, and an end to private companies putting profit before safety and people’s lives. 

Join this protest to show the strength of feeling in our city that we will unite to defend our neighbours and say loud and clear: we all belong to Glasgow!

Please share this important protest event to your members, supporters and contacts and bring along union/ organisation banners, flags etc to the protest this Saturday. 

If your organisation wants to add its support to this event message us on here please or

Further information can be found here:
Positive Action in Housing Emergency Appeal
Govan Law Centre website
Guardian News Article on Serco’s action