Supporting grass roots women through mentoring and women only training


National Women’s Conference backed a call for action to encourage more low paid women, including those from across the equalities groups, to become active in our union.

It noted that around 80% of our members are women – many of them in low paid though essential roles. Action will include an expansion of women only training and mentoring packages for use in branches.

Aberdeenshire branch delegate, Kathleen Kennedy supported the call from North Cumbria Northumberland & Tyne& Wear Health branch.

She spoke of the challenges facing women in rural branch like our own, but explained how, with the online world it has now become possible.

Kathleen also highlighted the key importance of mentoring to support our women activists, and of women only training.“Let me tell you, having easily accessible women’s training would be amazing, as we spent weeks and weeks trying to find out about training for women.”

Kathleen added, “In my branch I am lucky. My branch chair is my mentor and has always been around and I mentor the equalities officers. It would be so beneficial to have training and mentoring on an easily accessible site.”

“Let’s not get comfy,” urged Kathleen. “Give us the tools in a mentoring package so all women have the opportunities to become active in our union.”