UNISON call for public inquiry into The Royal Hospital for Children and Young People.

In response to the Ministerial Scottish Parliamentary Statement (today): The Royal Hospital for Children and Young People (RHCYP). Thomas Waterson, chair of UNISON Health Committee said:

“We need a public inquiry into this whole fiasco to find out who knew what and when. Even after the most recent KPMG report we still don’t know if, for example, the drainage system is fit for purpose.”

“It was very frustrating for NHS Lothian health workers to have their move to the new hospital cancelled days before it was due to happen. Significant time and organisation goes into such a move. Now to be told that we need to wait until Autumn 2020 to move is simply unacceptable.

There is also considerable extra cost to bring this hospital building up to standard, the latest figure is £23m. We understand this will be paid from public funds. This is money that should have been spent on patient care. Why are patients, staff and tax payers being penalised for these errors?”

This fiasco shows the weakness of the Scottish Governments’ private finance system: The Scottish Futures Trust. It cannot be allowed to happen again. We need a public enquiry to learn the lessons.”

UNISON Contacts:
Thomas Waterson, Chair of UNISON Health Committee: 07753 627575
Willy Duffy, UNISON Head of Health: 07904 342129

Danny Phillips / Trisha Hamilton, communications officers: 0141 342 2877 or 07944 664110