UNISON secures end of low pay deal for NHS staff in Lanarkshire

UNISON, the largest union in NHS Lanarkshire, is working with NHS Board to raise the wages of its lowest paid staff. The union aims to reach this objective through the review of the NHS Agenda for Change Band 1.

The deal, negotiated by UNISON, is the first of its kind in the UK and could net some staff an increase of almost £40 per week.

Chair of the Health Committee Tam Waterson said: “Once again UNISON is leading the fight against low pay in our NHS.

“This deal which we secured through the NHS partnership model of industrial relations is a real benefit for our low paid members making a real difference to their take home pay.”

Margo Cranmer, Lanarkshire Health Branch Secretary, said “Better valuing and paying low paid staff can only result in a better quality of service provision across NHS Lanarkshire. These are our porters, auxiliaries, cleaners and caterers; all of whom provide vital services in our hospitals.

“We are delighted that the negotiations led by UNISON are making good progress and we are hoping that new guidance on higher paid roles will be agreed on 8th March 2016.”

Work is now under way in every health board in Scotland to review existing Band 1 jobs. There is a cast iron commitment that boards will work with unions and staff to enhance job roles to deliver on this deal.

It’s planned that all staff in the NHS wishing to transfer into Band 2 will do so by 1st October 2016.