UNISON Scotland calls for Europe of full employment which cares for future generations

Date: Friday 9 May 2014

UNISON Scotland launched its manifesto for the European elections today (Friday 9 May 2014). The trade union in Scotland is calling for policies which end austerity and protect working people.

UNISON is concerned that with the independence referendum just a few months away and all the talk about the rise of UKIP we forget that the European elections, on 22 May 2014, matter for millions of people across Europe.

Lillian Macer, UNISON Scotland convener said,

‘UNISON is gravely concerned about severe austerity measures which have been imposed on EU countries. These measures have brought widening inequality and mass unemployment resulting in terrible social impact on thousands of working people across Europe. The decisions taken by the European Parliament have never been more important. Today we launch our European manifesto for a Europe of full employment for future generations’

Mike Kirby, UNISON’s Scottish secretary said,

‘This election matters to millions of people across Europe. We urge people to judge the policies of the political parties standing in these elections against the principles in our manifesto. Our public services should be protected against privatisation, we need equality for women, an end to discrimination in Europe, to tackle climate change, improve workers rights, and we need a Europe with full employment which cares for our young people’

UNISON manifesto Public Works in Europe 2014 calls for:

• an immediate end to austerity policies
• openness in EU trade agreements
• protection of public services against privatisation
• opposition to commercialisation of water services
• raise minimum wage rates across Europe, end zero hours contracts and tackle underemployment
• equal treatment for migrant workers
• support for parents to balance home and family life
• improved parental rights across EU

Notes to editors

1. UNISON Scotland’s manifesto: Public Works in Europe – Unison Scotland manifesto for the European Election can be read at: http://www.unisonscotland.org.uk/publicworks/ UNISONScotlandManifestoforEurope2014.pdf

2. UNISON is the largest trade union in Scotland representing 160,000 members

For further information please contact:

• Dave Watson, UNISON Scotland head of bargaining and campaigns, 07958 122409
• Stephen Low, UNISON Scotland policy officer, 0141 342 2811 / 0795 685 2822,