UNISON Week No 168 – 15 Feb 2016

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15th  – 21st February 2016     Issue 168


Bluntly – taxdodging and getting public procurement contracts should be mutually exclusive, and they’re not. Tax dodging doesn’t have many advocates ( in the speaking up for sense…) but despite this, it’s still a major feature of both our economy and public finances. The Scottish Government has, quite rightly had some very harsh things to say about Tax Dodging. They have gone some way to deliver on that as tax avoidance measure used by Revenue Scotland is better than the UK approach. But this only gets two cheers as the Government could and should be doing more. Companies should be required to sign up to the Fair Tax Mark before any bids for public contracts will be considered. The bottom line should be – companies who take the taxpayers pound, should pay their taxes in full. Lots more on this here





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Why the budget bill could be an opportunity to combat austerity.


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UNISON Scotland’s Jane Carolan, speaking at the Institute of Employment Rights Conference.


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Cuts not acceptable says Falkirk UNISON more here





12/02/16 tuc.org.uk

New report shows how trade unions help Britain’s ecomony.


08/02/16 eveningtimes.co.uk

Council tax is fully funded pt 291 – this time it’s school meals bearing the brunt.


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The future is certainly not bright for Scotland’s school pupils.


09/02/16 waronwant.org

TTIP – it’s a bad thing.


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More  and more reasons why Trade Unions are good things.


09/02/16 leftfootforward.org

Shocking statistics remind us why we need trade unions.


18/02/16 www.lrb.co.uk

The Beatles, bandits and bank collapses …Robin Hood in a time of austerity


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