We can’t cut corners on public safety

Arthur Nicoll
Arthur Nicoll

Conference backed an NEC motion which highlighted the impact on public safety of austerity and cuts from police, to probation, to youth services, to mental health provision to specialist refuge services and more.

Amendments from the National LGBT committee added in the particular impact of such cuts on the safety of the LGBT community and a Tower Hamlets amendment emphasised the impact on children and young people.

Supporting the motion, Dundee’s Arthur Nicoll told delegates that when they came to power, the Tories promised a bonfire of regulations.

He spoke of “the vital role many of our members play in protecting public health and preventing the potential death of hundreds every year.

“The local budget rounds saw huge cuts to Tayside Scientific Services who provide vital food, water and other safety tests across Tayside.

“With the ridiculous situation of Tory Perth & Kinross council completely cutting their budget.”

“Councils cannot continue cutting corners on public safety. Cutting corners is what leads to flammable cladding being put on a building resulting in so many deaths at Grenfell,” slammed Arthur.

“We need to stop the cuts in public safety and get rid of this Tory government.”

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