Women need to be safe not careful, says UNISON

UNISON, Scotland’s biggest union for women, has condemned the police response to the Sarah Everard vigil and says it is vital that women’s voices are heard.

Lilian Macer, UNISON Scotland convener, said: “We mourn Sarah Everard and condemn the heavy-handed police response at the London vigil on Saturday (March 13). Silence and powerlessness go hand-in-hand and it is vital that women’s voices are heard.

“UNISON stands against the the epidemic of male violence against women. We need to change the narrative and put the focus on the men who perpetuate violence against women instead of asking women to change their behaviour. Women need to be safe, not careful.

“Male violence threatens women in all areas of their lives – our homes, our workplaces and in public places and this must end. We demand safety, we demand equality and we demand the right to be heard.”


Notes to editors

  • UNISON is Scotland’s biggest union for women with more than 100,000 members.
  • For further information contact UNISON Scotland communications officers: Trisha Hamilton, t.hamilton@unison.co.uk , 07943 507 307 or Danny Phillips, d.phillips@unison.co.uk, 07944 664 110.