A Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year to all our members

Christmas tree… and especially to those working to keep Scotland’s essential services going over the holiday.

See also, Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby’s festive message: “We showed once again the importance of trade unions “

Thousands of public service workers will be at work delivering Scotland’s essential services over the festive holidays. In local councils, the health services, utilities and many other services, UNISON members will be working to ensure we are looked after and communities are kept safe.

And you are appreciated as these video messages from the public show… https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=m-jh6xSeMd4&feature=youtu.be

Members of the public have given their messages of thanks to public sector workers who keep essential services running over the Christmas holidays.

The people asked to contribute to the film were overwhelmingly grateful to everyone who keeps our public services running.

Watch the film, above, to see exactly what they had to say.