Austerity – worse for Black members

Rakiya Suleiman
Rakiya Suleiman

#uNDC16 Austerity has had a negative and disproportionate impact on Black people so it is imperative that Black Members are at the forefront of campaigns against cuts.

Conference backed a range of measures in Wednesday to support and encourage Black Members to stand as elected representatives and to take on key roles to work with communities and with other trade unions.

Supporting the motion, Lothian Health’s Rakiya Suleiman told conference that since the advent of the Tories, the heat of austerity has become unbearable for us all but worse for Black Members and Black communities.

“Why?” asked Rakiya.

“Because Black members are more likely to live in poverty. Black communities have a rising rate of children living in poverty. Black members are more likely to be in low paid work.”

The motion called for UNISON Black members to be at the forefront of campaigns against the cuts and austerity and set out a range of measures to support this.

And that should mean real action Rakiya told delegates: “We are not just going to talk the talk against austerity, we will walk the walk!”

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