Call for an industrial strategy with workplace democracy at its heart

Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson

#stuc19 Congress backed a Unite call for an industrial strategy with manufacturing at its core, to create opportunities for investment in infrastructure projects and to tie this, and procurement, into a commitment to create jobs, improve health and safety and create a more equal society.

Supporting the motion UNISON’s Mark Ferguson warned that the Scottish Government’s strategy of establishing “taskforce groups” and “PACE” intervention often comes too late in the process, something that happens when the private sector fails – leading to the focus being put on job replacement.

“The Scottish Government has often had to intervene as a consequence of CEO’S putting their own interests and that of their share holders before that of their workers, customers and communities,” said Mark, adding that the motion refers to the important role local government has in the local economy.

“The truth of the matter is that it would take a complete reversal of the cuts and new investment before local government would be in a position to offer meaningful support,” said Mark.

He pointed out that Local Government budgets in Scotland have been disproportionately cut by the Scottish Government well above the cuts to the Westminster Barnet consequentials.

“We cannot allow the Scottish Government to get off the hook as they have presided over the biggest job losses in recent years. Tens of thousands lost across public services – nine out of ten in local government alone. There was no “taskforce group” to save these jobs,” slammed Mark.

“The devastating cuts to jobs, terms and conditions and the collapse of Carillion and Interserve to name but a few, highlight the desperate need to take back in house all outsourced services and nationalisation of our infrastructure and service industries.

“All affiliates working together can force the necessary change needed.”

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