STUC Congress 2021

STUC 2021
Reports by Kate Ramsden (editor Scotland in UNISON) and John Stevenson (retired member)

STUC 2021: Communications & Campaigns Committee reports on UNISON speakers on the main issues every day at the 124th STUC Congress online from 19-21 April. Reports will also appear in Scotland inUNISON’s June issue. For an overview of the whole Congress and to see it live online go to the STUC website

Mark Ferguson

Congress backs council workers’ fight for a decent pay rise

STUC Congress stood four square behind council workers in their condemnation of CoSLA’s derisory pay offer, as they overwhelmingly backed ...
Rakiya Suleiman

Congress backs UNISON’s call to act against femicide in Turkey

UNISON Scotland took its condemnation of the Turkish government’s treatment of women trade unionists, women activists and opposition political parties ...
Mike Kirby

STUC backs Scotland’s right to self determination but workers’ rights and equality must be at centre of debate

Congress reaffirmed its backing for the right of self-determination for the people in Scotland, and that the power should rest ...
Lilian Macer

Scotland must deliver a care sector that cares

The Covid pandemic has highlighted the fundamental value of social care and the workers who provide it and Congress welcomed ...
Rakiya Suleiman

Supporting the NHS, combatting inequality and valuing all NHS workers

Inequality is the enemy of public health - that’s one of the big lessons of this pandemic, UNISON’s Rakiya Suleiman ...
Brenda Aitchison

Pay workers more and it is a treble win for economy

The way to recover economically from the pandemic is to improve living standards and boost spending power, the STUC was ...
Christina McAnea

Public services central to economic recovery from Covid

At her first Congress as UNISON’s general secretary, Christina McAnea led on a wide ranging composite calling for a sustainable ...
Mary Senior

Trade unions fighting for workers during the pandemic and leading demand for a People’s Recovery

In an inspirational speech that didn’t miss and hit the wall, STUC President Mary Senior stressed the key role of ...
STUC 2021

UNISON delegation set to participate in the STUC Congress

UNISON Scotland activists will join delegates from other trade unions and trade union councils at the STUC Annual Congress online ...

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