Care Futures No3 – What would ‘Ethical Commissioning’ look like?

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The Scottish Government are consulting on setting up a National Care Service this will oversee a comprehensive range of social care services for all ages, from infants to the elderly. As well as alcohol, drug and all social work services.

As the union representing staff across all of these areas UNISON will play an important role in shaping that change. Care Futures is a series of briefings that will provide members and branches with information to help discuss and develop UNISON’s approach to these reforms.

Key points of care Futures No.3

  • The Scottish government say they want the national care service to be based on ethical commissioning
  • As the NCS will be commissioning and procuring all of its services framework used to decide how services are provided matters to everyone.
  • The aim of ethical commissioning is to raise standards by emphasising fair work & user involvement.
  • The principles of ethical commissioning won’t be controversial. Getting them put into practice however may take a considerable effort.