Care workers deserve living wage

Mark FergusonThe STUC endorsed UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter and committed to campaigning for a living wage for all care workers in Scotland. Delegates backed the call from the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy, which recognised the invaluable contribution of care workers to health and social care provision in Scotland and slammed the terrible working conditions for many as exposed by UNISON’s “Time to Care” survey.

Seconding, UNISON’s Mark Ferguson told delegates that since the launch of the “Ethical Care Charter” tens of thousands of social care workers have benefited and there have been significant improvements to service delivery where employers have signed up.

His own authority Renfrewshire Council was the first council in Scotland to adopt the charter “which sets out a step change process to end 15 minute visits, introduce the living wage and pay for travelling time as a minimum.

“When did employers think that it was ok to employee Social Care Workers on low pay, poor conditions and refuse to pay for travelling time whilst many companies are lining the pockets of shareholders,” asked Mark.

“It is vitally important that this motion is passed and that all affiliates work with the STUC as a matter of urgency given the current stage Health and Social Care Integration is at to campaign for this vital service area.

“Whether you work in Local Government, Health, Third or Private Sector – the best way to deliver high quality essential care to the most vulnerable in our communities is to include the principles set out in UNISON’s charter and include them in service level agreements and contracts.

“It has often been stated by politicians that social care is the answer to relieving the huge burden on NHS services. We therefore call upon them to legislate to ensure that the workers have good levels of Pay, Training and Terms & Conditions.”

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