Christina joins Glasgow equal pay phone bank

Christina McAnea met the equal pay team in Glasgow City Branch

She took to the phone bank to speak to UNISON members across Glasgow to explain why UNISON is calling for strike action. She also listened to the frustration of women waiting for their claims to be settled in full.

UNISON is balloting members and urging them to vote yes to strike action. Despite promises from Glasgow City Council to settle equal pay claims thousands of women are still stuck on unequal pay scales, waiting for their claims to be settled in full. The council have said they may not be able to finally settle their debt to these women until 2024.

Ballot closes Tuesday 1 March

Christina McAnea, UNISON general secretary said: “Women in Glasgow City Council have had promise after promise on equal pay and this saga has been going on for decades. Making women wait for many more years is not acceptable.

“This is a debt owed to women in the city and must be paid. If it was the other way round, the council would take no time at all in starting recovery action to recover debts owed to them.

“The case is undoubtedly complicated, but it is not fair to keep Glasgow women hanging on. The council must not dump the terms of the 2019 deal. It must make a meaningful offer to settle this long-running dispute.”

Christina is the first women general secretary of UNISON

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