Commission for the provision of Quality Care in Scotland

thumbnail of SLPCommission_ProvisionofQualityCareinScotland_Sep2014UNISON Scotland has long campaigned for the quality of social care to be raised.  We have been involved formally in various forums dealing with health and social care integration since at least 1999 when the first Local Health Care Cooperatives (LHCCs) were introduced using joint finance arrangements as a way of facilitating better joint working. In Scotland there have been a range of developments including:
Modernising Community Care 2000; Joint Future Group; Managing & financing services and „single shared assessment‟ 2002; Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act, which gave power to direct joint working 2004; NHS Reform (Scotland) Act, which established Community Health Partnerships

Despite these policy and legislative developments joint working has not worked well in all parts of the country. In addition demographic change has resulted in a new impetus for change. Before the 2011 elections Scottish Labour proposed a National Care Service and the SNP a lead commissioning model…

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