COP27 Edinburgh March for Climate Justice Sat 12 Nov

World leaders are not acting fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change and they won’t move unless pushed. So please get on the streets this Saturday 12 November to demand change as part of the “COP27: Global Day of Action”. 

UNISON is supporting climate justice marches and rallies across the UK, including in Edinburgh on Saturday 12 November.

The family friendly event in Edinburgh starts at 12 noon in St Andrew Square. Full details here, with registration here. If you can help steward or in other roles, please do.

The organisers are planning for it to bring to life the multiple crises we are facing. At each location along the route, groups will engage the march in key issues and resistance: expect music, art and excitement! All welcome!

St Andrew Square: International Climate Justice: Make Polluters Pay

HSBC, Hanover St: Cancel all Debt to Global South Countries

Santander, Hanover St: End Fossil Fuel Finance

Market St: Solidarity with Egypt: Free All Political Prisoners

UK Government Office, Sibbald Walk: No New Fossil Fuel Projects

Scottish Parliament: End the Cost of Living Scandal – Just Transition Now

Since COP26 in Glasgow we have seen a lack of action from governments at home and abroad. COP27 will not save us, it is our people-powered movements that will build the world we need – therefore we will come together in Edinburgh to connect our struggles and demand action.

It is organised by Edinburgh Climate Coalition, Climate Justice Coalition, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Global Justice Now.

Read more here about UNISON urging members to join the 12 November Global Day of Action.

Stephen Smellie, UNISON Scotland Depute Convener, who attended COP26 last year, will again be part of the ITUC delegation in Egypt.

He said: “We must not lose sight of the fact that the climate crisis is the most important issue facing working people throughout the world. The current energy crisis is a manifestation of that wider and deeper crisis.

“Governments must take action to implement the policies now that will give us a fighting chance of avoiding the chaos that the climate crisis is increasingly causing. The only way to get them to do that is to put as much pressure on our own governments. The global mobilisations on 12 November are a part of that.”

This is the opening statement from the global trade union movement at COP27, delivered for the ITUC on Sunday 6 November by Rebecca Okello, co-ordinator of the climate change and just transition programme of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions in Kenya.

Please check the Facebook page of UNISON Scotland Green Network for updates from COP27, as well as the social media of the ITUC @ITUC @BertDeWel and coalitions we are part of, including Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @SCCScot and the Climate Justice Coalition @COP26_Coalition.

For those interested in an ITUC Just Transition event on the morning of Wed 9 November, details are here YouTube Streaming:  ITUC Side Event: Just Transition: providing decent work and quality jobs are tools for climate policy implementation.