CORONAVIRUS LOCAL GOVERNMENT: COVID-19 guidance for non-healthcare settings

thumbnail of Covid-19-guidance-for-non-healthcare-settings 140420This four-country Covid-19 Guidance for non-healthcare settings was published today (Tuesday, April 14).

The key measures it covers include but are not limited to:

  1. Social distancing and stay-at-home guidance
  2. Shielding of very high-risk individuals.
  3. Stay-at-home guidance for people who have symptoms, and their household members (household isolation).
  4. Infection prevention and control (hygiene measures) and PPE.Where sector or occupation-specific guidance is required to operationalise the measures then this will be led by the key national organisation with expertise in the specific area with expert health protection and infection prevention and control input and advice as required.

    UNISON continues to work closely with Health Protection Scotland and COSLA to cover the occupation-specific issues in the local government FAQs.