Educational attainment gap – Role of the Third and Private Sectors

thumbnail of ClosingTheAttainmentGap2_RoleofVoluntary+PrivateSectors_ResponsetoSPEducationCtte_Mar2015UNISON welcomes the committee’s inquiry into closing the attainment gap. There is widespread agreement that children from low income households do significantly worse at school than those from better-off households and that this gap starts early and continues. There is also widespread agreement in Scotland that this gap needs to be tackled, that investment in support in children’s early years will be the most effective route to enabling children from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential and that education in both schools and nurseries have an important role to play. There is though less agreement (and action) on implementing specific and targeted policies to achieve this aim.
UNISON firmly believes that comprehensive education provides the best route to achieve the aim of high educational attainment for all.There is plenty of evidence to support this…..

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