Event: Windrush Caribbean Film Festival programme reveal – June 22

Event invite

Windrush Caribbean Film Festival media launch and programme reveal

June 22nd at 7pm

The Windrush Carribean Film Festival (WCFF) is hosting a media launch and programme reveal event tonight (Tuesday).

Hosted by Juliette Alexander, the event will inform you about WCFF and what to expect for the 2021 festival season. It includes a screening of Carnival and Social Justice by the Kingsway Project UK and Carnival Ah We Ting by Optiks Hamilton and will be available worldwide, Live on CaribbeanTales-TV.com. There will be an interactive Q&A prior to the screening.  


Registration is complimentary and is mandatory in order to participate. For more information and to register please click here. Afterwards you will be sent an email from CaribbeanTales-TV with your login details to attend the event. If you have previously registered with the platforms click “already have an account login” to complete the registration. Sign in 10 mins prior to catch the pre-show!

If you have any questions or concerns contact the festival manager, Courtney Panchan, at  cp.caribbeantales@gmail.com.