Expand and invest more in child care

Tina Makedenge
Tina Makedenge

Women’s conference #stucwomen19 backed a call from Glasgow Trades Union Council to press the Scottish Government to expand and further invest in childcare provision with a specific focus on the geographical and work pattern challenges that exist in Scotland.

UNISON’s Tina Makedenge supported the motion, telling conference that childcare is still a problem to get and very costly, especially for women dependent on benefits, paid a month in arrears.

“Some parents then have to turn to use grandparents,” said Tina, pointing out that this can be a lot for grandparents, especially since many are still working and therefore not getting a rest on their day off.

“Some parents, like me, don’t have anyone to help with childcare,” added Tina, explaining that she and her husband have to work it out between themselves, with Tina working nights and her husband working shifts.

“Sometimes my child has to go with dad to work and wait for me to finish work and take her home.

“My union, UNISON, recommends free early childcare for all children,” said Tina, adding to the call for full time nursery provision.

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Reports by UNISON Scotland Communications and Campaigns Committee from Kate Ramsden in Perth.