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Ann Forsyth
Ann Forsyth

#uwomen20 Women’s conference unanimously backed a call from Scotland to take a lead in telling women’s stories in order to inspire other women.

The Women’s Committee will work with Regional Women’s Committees to spread trade union women’s messages as widely as possible through an Inspiring Women’s book, raising awareness of the many women who have played a significant role in our union and beyond.

Moving the motion of behalf of the Scottish Women’s Committee, Ann Forsyth paid tribute to the Glasgow women members who won their fight for equal pay. She spoke of attending their Fringe meeting and listening to the women on how they inspired others, and how, by working together to achieve their goal, they did just that and won.

“We have one million women members in UNISON,” said Ann. “By working together we can achieve anything.

“It took women a long time to develop a voice, and now we have it, we are not going to be silent.”

Conference agreed and delegate after delegate rose to support Scotland’s motion, inspired and keen to inspire others. Northern Ireland’s initiative to campaign for streets to be named after prominent women activists was applauded.

However speakers also pointed out that inspiring women are not just those that rise to prominence but also those that work day in and day out for our members.

By Kate Ramsden

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