“It’s time to be bold” Christina tells Conference

Christina McAnea
Christina McAnea

Christina McAnea gave an inspiring address to conference, in her first as General Secretary.

She slammed the Tory government for its failure to protect workers and citizens throughout the pandemic and now making those workers that stepped up to deliver services pay for the pandemic.

She condemned the Tories’ rewriting of history. “We don’t forget the lack of PPE for our members even if Hancock does.”

She slammed the profiteering by Tory cronies making money on the back of the Covid crisis. “It’s time to be bold.” Christina McAnea said as she made an offer to work with the Tory govt on “levelling up”.

“But it will be on our terms,” she added, setting out our demands on workers’ rights, no pay freeze, no zero hours contracts,and decent funding for public services.

Christina also slammed the inequalities writ large by the pandemic including amongst our Black communities, disabled workers and women.

Christina thanked the presidential team who have gone above and beyond for the union during the pandemic whilst also doing their jobs. She also paid tribute to the work of NEC members and activists in branches and our members who kept country going.

Christina pledged action to encourage more women to become active in UNISON.
(Story: Kate Ramsden)

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