Joint approach needed to tackle NHS vacancies

Lilian Macer
Lilian Macer

Congress backed a motion from the newly affiliated Hospital Consultants and Specialists’ Association calling on the Scottish Government to address the rising numbers of vacancies for NHS consultants in Scottish hospitals.

An amendment by the Society of Radiographers, backed by UNISON, recognised the need to develop the whole team to operate at the top of their license and to be seen as senior health care professionals. This was not accepted by the mover of the motion but was carried.

UNISON Scotland convener, Lilian Macer, seconding the amendment told Congress that in the NHS, as in other public services, we all rely on each other in the provision of health care, with the multi-disciplinary team key to delivering high quality, person centred care.

“UNISON believes that only through a joint approach to workforce planning can we ensure safe, effective care,” said Lilian, pointing out that the amendment ensures that all of the appropriate unions are involved in any taskforce.

“It also promotes the use of advanced practice within Allied Health Professionals,” added Lilian.

“It is not as simple as replacing like for like. The changing nature of the NHS means we need the right skill mix and to utilise the extended scope of the wider workforce.”

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