Lifelong Learning

ESFUNISON’s approach to promoting Learning is to make it accessible to all, inclusive of all and supportive of all

UNISON has a range of initiatives available for members. We are always looking to recruit more Union Learning Representatives. We are happy to arrange training for them on a regular basis and assist in negotiating Learning Agreements with employers. Now more than ever our members need to access the high quality training we can offer them (via the WEA) and the benefits to the Union are obvious. Members who learn via the union are significantly more likely to get involved as activists.

Lifelong learning

What is Lifelong Learning?

The government's Lifelong Learning policy for Scotland is about ‘personal fulfilment and enterprise, employability and adaptability, active citizenship and social ...
Learning Reps

What do Union Learning Reps do?

UNISON recognises that this is an opportunity to draw in a new group of activists and we provide training for ...
Lifelong Learning

Rights and Functions of a Union Learning Rep

Functions and rights (extract from TUC guidance) The key functions undertaken by Union Learning Representatives are set out in the ...

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