Let’s be the union that is home to growing and developing our young activists

Megan Doherty
Megan Doherty

UNISON agreed to set a focus on regular and sustainable organising initiatives such as last year’s Grovember.

Megan Doherty, Glasgow City, supporting the motion asked, “Where do we start? Our union has continued to grow from strength because of everyone here, and our all our members and activists back home.

“Most importantly, we have all continued to grow our union in our own way whether by representing members, holding workplace meetings, discussing union issues in our lives, holding rallies and demos – or even a strike.

“ogether we have to build our union and continue to allow it to grow.”

Megan told how Glasgow City Branch has grown during the long running Equal Pay battle and that her own sector has grown from 500 members to over 2000 through members’ meeting, rallies, briefing and discussions.

She said “Glasgow is an activist city, the home of Mary Barbour, the home of the Battle of George Square,  and now home of the UK’s biggest Equal Pay strike – our brand is winning.”

Megan urged Conference, “Lets be an active and growing union. Lets be the union that is home to growing and developing our young activists”

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