LGBT Committee Supports the Plus: Video and factsheet

The UNISON Scotland LGBT committee is backing a national rule change to change the name of UNISON’s LGBT organisation to LGBT+. The change of name to LGBT+ is aimed at making our current group more inclusive. See the video and factsheet below for more information.

Making our LGBT group more inclusive by changing our name to LGBT+
Frequently asked questions

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The change of name to LGBT+ is aimed at making our current group more inclusive. Young people are increasingly identifying with a sexual orientation and/or gender identity that do not currently fit into the limited LGBT definition. As a trade union UNISON has a proud history of inclusion and diversity and we feel in order to continue this we need to ensure we are relevant to all members.

This factsheet covers:

  • Why do we want to change our name?
  • Who will be included within the +?
  • Will this mean the National LGBT Committee seeking more seats on other committees?
  • If the ‘plus’ includes non-binary people will they be eligible to stand for reserved women’s seats on committees?
  • What is the benefit to the wider membership?
  • I am an LGBT ally, can I join?
  • Will it cost the union more money to change the name?
  • What is the cost of not changing the name?
  • Is this a way for the National LGBT Committee to get extra seats on the NEC?
  • Will it aid recruitment?
  • Why not just increase the letters in the acronym, like LGBTQIA or something similar?
  • Why do you need Branches to support this rule change?
  • How can I assist UNISON LGBT in making this rule change happen?
  • Who can I go to for more information?