Local government pay negotiations continue


24 June 2015: Scottish Council Leaders (the CoSLA ones that is) were due to meet on Friday. It was hoped that a ‘final’ offer would have been received from the Scottish employers before then. However no such offer was received. Hopefully the leaders found time to discuss Fair Pay for their hard working employees.

Negotiations continuing

16 June 2015: Negotiations with the Scottish employers continued last week. A final offer was not determined. The employers are still sticking to the 2.5% over two years proposal whilst the union side are pressing for more.

Between these two positions we are asking for consideration of ‘front loading’ of the offer. This means that if it is 2.5% then we would like to see the first year being greater, eg instead of it being 1.25% in each year it would be better for workers if it was 1.5% this year and 1% next year.

We are also looking at further advance on the Living Wage and confirmation that the employers will agree to uprate this each year, at least, in line with the Living Wage Foundation decisions each year.

Further discussions will take place on the 23 June with a final offer either then or the following week. Unions will then consult members on the offer.