Working Together; Progressive Workplace Policies In Scotland response

thumbnail of ProgressiveWorkplacePoliciesInScotland_ResponsetoScotGovtWorkingTogetherReview_Jun2014We would certainly share in the aims for a labour market which is highly conducive to;

“creating sustainable high quality jobs, increasing social value and delivering exemplary public services for its citizens.”

We would emphasise the interdependency of three aspects – exemplary public services will deliver social value but are dependent on the creation of sustainable high quality jobs. Without sustainable high quality jobs, public services are unlikely to be exemplary, lowering social value.

In this regard the attempted shift amongst many employers towards zero or nominal hours contracts is hardly conducive to embedding the sort of principles the review would envisage as the principle features of the Scottish Labour market. The experience of UNISON members – as sampled across many occupational groups in recent years has been a shared story of paring back of functions, of fewer people carrying out the bare minimum of functions, a decline in preventative or interactive work which would improve quality…

The review seeks suggestions as to:

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