Music provision key to giving our children a voice

Brenda Aitchison
Brenda Aitchison

#stuc19 Congress recognised the key importance of free instrumental music provision and that cuts hit our poorest children the hardest.

It pledged support for the EIS Charter for Instrumental Music and to campaign to stop further cuts and to reinstate free tuition for all pupils.

Supporting a motion from the Musicians Union, helpfully amended by the EIS, UNISON’s Brenda Aitchison told delegates that in the UK we have a strong tradition of working class musicians, from the Beatles, to Bowie, to Paul Weller, to Adele to Gerry Cinnamon.

Brenda called for music tuition to be inclusive not exclusive and warned, “Lack of affordability means that young people are being excluded just because they live in economically poorer households.

“Often those with the least have the most profound and moving stories to tell, music to perform, songs to write and sing – about their issues, feelings and viewpoints. They should be encouraged to do so,” urged Brenda, highlighting that free music tuition is key to this process, through building confidence and self-belief in these children’s ability to create.

Quoting Gerry Cinnamon, she said “There is a war on real music and if you are sound and can write decent tunes then you’re on the front line whether you like it or not,”

Brenda concluded by saying, “Let’s not in the future, look back in anger, that we as a movement didn’t do all we could to support and nurture our young.

“Support this motion and let our young people be heard.”

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