New College Lanarkshire

thumbnail of Audit committee NCL september 2018 FINALUNISON Scotland and UNITE have submitted joint evidence to the Public Audit and Post Legislative Scrutiny Committee regarding the audit of New College Lanarkshire. Members of both trade unions are very concerned about the way the college is being run. It is vital that colleges are being run effectively given the financial challenges the sector as a whole faces.

Staff at the New College are increasingly concerned that problems at the college will result in job losses, not for those who have made the decisions but for the staff. Not only will this affect those who lose their jobs and those left behind to pick up the work: students will not get the support they need.

Despite the Scottish government making it clear that public bodies like colleges should be leading the way on Fair Work many colleges have made no progress on this agenda, for example many colleges are still not accredited Living Wage employers.

UNISON and UNITE  therefore welcome the opportunity to submit evidence to the committee.