Local Government Conference 2019

Conference reports from a Scotland perspective and where Scotland delegates are particularly involved on 16-17 June 2019. For other reports see the UK pages.

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Michael Richardson

UNISON local government backs LGBT+ rule change

UNISON Local Government Conference agreed to give its full backing to the upcoming rule change at UNISON’s National Conference to ...
Tara McArthy

UNISON calls for councils to enforce Ethical Care Charter standards

UNISON is calling for councils to sign up to the Ethical Charter, and will urge them to enforce Ethical Care ...
Margaret Gallacher

UNISON must be at the forefront of saving council services

Local Government Conference backed a wide-ranging strategy to save local government services and slammed the impact of Tory cuts on ...
Rosalind Ronan

UNISON urges branches to negotiate disability leave policies

UNISON will promote its Disability Leave bargaining guide and model policy, urging branches to negotiate disability leave policies with their ...
Arthur Nicol

Member engagement must be at the heart of any campaign

Local Government Conference paid tribute to Scotland’s local government pay campaign and pledged to learn lessons from what worked in ...
Steven Larkin

Youth services workers underpin vital prevention work

#ulgc19 UNISON Local Government Conference 2019 vowed to continue to campaign for universal youth services, and to promote the critical ...
Jim McFarlane

Social care crisis can only be resolved by resources

#ulgc19 UNISON has called for research into where the money goes in the largely privatised care system, for steps to ...