Youth services workers underpin vital prevention work

Steven Larkin
Steven Larkin

#ulgc19 UNISON Local Government Conference 2019 vowed to continue to campaign for universal youth services, and to promote the critical role that qualified youth and support workers have to play,

Regional Delegate, Steven Larkin moved the UNISON Scotland amendment that called for recognition that Youth Services Workers underpin vital prevention work and support to young people who feel threatened or compelled to carry or use knives against others or indeed for protection, “The broken system of support for troubled young people is one of the causes in a rise in knife crime.”

Steven pointed out that between 2012 and 2019, 4500 youth worker jobs have been cut and 760 youth centres closed, cuts amounting to £400m from youth service budgets. He explained, “The Scottish Government have talked a good game about moving towards a preventative model but that needs adequate funding. Councils across Scotland have had their budgets cut year on year, and non-statutory services like Youth Work are the first to be hit.”

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