Public Services and a Healthier Scotland

thumbnail of 20160503 Health inequalities manifestoTackling health inequality is one of the greatest challenges we face, says UNISON

UNISON Scotland called for a fresh approach to tackling health inequality as it launched its new manifesto today (Tuesday).

The manifesto – Public Services and a Healthier Scotland: tackling Scotland’s health inequalities – outlines the stark and scandalous reality of Scotland’s enduring problem.

UNISON, Scotland’s largest union in public services, says the root causes of health inequalities are a manifestation of inequalities in income, wealth and power.

The union is calling for the Scottish Government to set national targets for reducing health inequalities and says this must go hand-in-hand with a more co-ordinated approach between health boards, local authorities, communities and the government.

Lilian Macer, Convener of UNISON Scotland, said:

“The scale of health inequalities tells us far more about the inequality in our society than it does about our health services. Poverty drives health inequality and the only way forward is to reduce the gap between the richest and the rest. To focus simply on health and health services is missing the point.

“Health inequalities is probably Scotland’s greatest challenge and the Scottish Government must make it an explicit priority and use all its powers to eradicate health inequality.”

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