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Your vote matters – use it and make this election about public services

“The general election is hugely important for the future of UNISON members and the services they deliver. It’s vital that

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Questions for candidates in the Scottish council elections 2017

Scottish council election is on Thursday 4 May 2017. Candidates are out campaigning for your vote. Please circulate UNISON Scotland’s Questions

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Manifesto for local government in Scotland 2017

For fairness and democracy: keep it local  Launched at UNISON Scottish council on Saturday 1 April 2017 this is the UNISON

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Public services are top priority for vast majority of Scottish voters, says polling

UNISON launches its manifesto for the local government elections in Scotland today, ‘For fairness and democracy: keep it local’ (1

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Local Government Manifesto

Local Government Elections 2017

The Scottish local government elections take place on Thursday 4 May 2017. Local government has borne the brunt of austerity

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Public Services and a Healthier Scotland

Tackling health inequality is one of the greatest challenges we face, says UNISON UNISON Scotland called for a fresh approach

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Social Care in Scotland

Social care in Scotland is in crisis! The provision of social care has changed rapidly over the last 20 years,

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Local Government for a fairer Scotland

Scotland’s councils deliver the services upon which we all rely. From childcare to care for our elderly and vulnerable, keeping

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The Impact of Austerity on Scotland: damage done and routes to recovery

UNISON Scotland has commissioned this report from leading economist Professor John Maclaren in order to offer analysis of the impact

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Public services and a sustainable Scotland Minifesto 2016

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face in Scotland and globally. We have world leading climate change

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