Manifesto – Scottish Election 2016

The election campaign is now over but the UNISON Scotland range of manifestos below will remain our reference point for our continuing campaign for the public services our members deliver.

election20160427questions_councilcutsQuestions for candidates: a series of questions for UNISON activists to put to party candidates in the Scottish Parliament election 2016 – plus ‘infographics’ for use in social media…


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thumbnail of 20160503 Health inequalities manifesto

Public Services and a Healthier Scotland

Tackling health inequality is one of the greatest challenges we face, says UNISON UNISON Scotland called for a fresh approach ...
thumbnail of Social care in Scotland

Social Care in Scotland

Social care in Scotland is in crisis! The provision of social care has changed rapidly over the last 20 years, ...
thumbnail of local government for a fairer Scotland

Local Government for a fairer Scotland

Scotland’s councils deliver the services upon which we all rely. From childcare to care for our elderly and vulnerable, keeping ...
thumbnail of ImpactofAusterityonScotland_April2016

The Impact of Austerity on Scotland: damage done and routes to recovery

UNISON Scotland has commissioned this report from leading economist Professor John Maclaren in order to offer analysis of the impact ...
thumbnail of UNISONScotlandPublicServicesSustainableScotlandMinifesto2016

Public services and a sustainable Scotland Minifesto 2016

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face in Scotland and globally. We have world leading climate change ...
thumbnail of Manifesto public services and the good society 2016

Public services and the good society

This is UNISON Scotland's manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections. It calls on everyone in Scotland to vote for who they think ...
thumbnail of Childcare minifesto 2016 (final)

Early learning and childcare manifesto. Supporting children, parents and the childcare workforce.

Childcare should be provided free at the point of use by the public sector. Currently Scotland’s childcare provision is patchy, ...
thumbnail of Police-Minifesto-2016-3

A balanced workforce for policing that delivers

Since the establishment of Police Scotland police staff have borne the brunt of a process of centralisation, budget cuts and ...